Gladiators of the ancient future

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Our initial intention was to create an immersive desktop-based game experience using the Unreal Engine, but we've realized that the needs and preferences of our target audience are evolving. We've found that you, our players, are more inclined towards fast-paced, easily accessible web games with swift winning possibilities and affordable, or even free entry fees and game modes. We're listening, and we're ready to adapt.
Our timeline is aggressive but feasible. After a successful token launch, we aim to release a card game set in the Mortifer universe within two months. Here, you can anticipate daily winnings reaching into the hundreds of dollars. Moreover, we'll be launching an 'auto fight' game mode in Mortifer, allowing players with sound strategies to earn steady income without the need to be glued to their screens all day.
The card game, however, is not our final destination. Once we've launched and established it, we'll be asking for your votes to determine the future of Mortifer. Should there be demand, we are ready to expand the Mortifer universe into a 3D game, returning to our original concept, or we could venture into new directions. Our ultimate goal is to engage more players and ensure that the Mortifer community continues to grow, prosper, and most importantly, have fun!