Mortifer: The Card Game

Are you ready to engage in strategic battles?

Mortifer is a card game inspired by the competitive shooter, characterized by fast-paced battles. The key elements remain the same - choosing the right combination of cards, maintaining situational awareness, and creating a winning strategy. Every decision you make in the game will determine your success; there is no element of luck involved.

You can assemble an unlimited number of fighter characters, each represented by unique cards, waiting in the lobby. Before each battle, you must strategically configure your character by selecting the most effective cards.

Additionally, you can participate in battles with entry fees, where winners have the chance to earn valuable rewards. These battles take place in the arena, where you'll face off against multiple players simultaneously. The last player standing emerges victorious.

One important aspect to note is that your experience in the game, coupled with a deep understanding of the various fighting characters, weapons, and equipment, will greatly contribute to developing winning strategies and making informed decisions.

Mortifer Champions

The Mortifer Champions

The game features thousands of fighters (NFT) and weapon types. All fighter characters have many variations which are determined by the values of the bellow attributes.

  • Healths Points
  • Energy Shield
  • Kinetic Armor
  • Stamina
  • Reflex


Choose from more than 100 different types of weapons, all with different appearance and characteristics

Mortifer Weapons

Utility Cards

Utility cards can be used to influence the basic attributes of the Mortifer champion. The cards can be selected before battle, in accordance with the available slots of the fighter.

Mortifer Utility Packs
Mortifer Stamina Pack Stamina Pack
Mortifer Health Pack Health Pack
Mortifer Armor Pack Armor Pack
Mortifer Shield Pack Shield Pack
Mortifer Reflex Pack Reflex Pack

How to become a mortifer champion?


Connect your wallet to the Polygon chain


Purchase a Mortifer fighter NFT from the marketplace


Select your Mortifer champion, weapons and ultilty cards in the lobby


Choose your strategy on how to fight against many others! If you place in the top, you win money.

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