In 50 BC, an alien probe lands in Pannonia province, a sparsely populated part of Central Europe. When a Roman patrol finds and opens the probe, it turns out that the object is packed with holographic data storage devices, which mainly contain technological knowledge decipherable for the people of the ancient era. Julius Caesar immediately orders his scientists to analyze the data banks, which results in a golden age of earthly science.
Within a few hundred years, huge cities rise and a system combining dictatorship and capitalism emerges. The world economy is dominated by important technologies and rich families, with the emperor ruling over them.

Julius Caesar, who is gifted with an abnormally long life with the help of the alien technologies, comes up with a new type of gladiator fight to entertain himself and his people. These games are not about swords and shields, but about kinetic or energy-based weapons.

Gladiator combat reinvented

The Roman Empire eventually extends its power to the whole world by massive military campaigns. What the peoples of the world receive is the blessings of technology and an era of peace forced upon them. The principle of bread and circuses continues to work very well, and the reinvented gladiator fights attract huge crowds both in the arenas and through the broadcasting network.
The families owning the large companies and the Caesar fulfil their passion for deadly competition by training new generations of fighters and developing new methods of fighting. Every clash is a worldwide celebration, and the Gladiators no longer come out of the ranks of slaves, but they are veteran soldiers who are idolized as heroes.
After a while, every nation of the world celebrates the fighters, and people dream of standing victorious one day on the floating platforms of the huge arenas.

No one knows that the alien probe, worshipped as an idol and put on display on the main square of Rome, not only presented humanity with knowledge, but used its hidden sensors to constantly monitor the evolution of the primitive earthly race. When it decides that the time has come, it begins broadcasting a call to all the advanced civilizations of the galaxy, signaling the birth of a new contestant for the interracial gladiator games which are all the rage in the universe.